Multi Lotek Plus REM 2.50A for Windows 10


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The Lotto Plus MULI LOTEK REM is intended to facilitate in-game numeric Multi Lotek Plus. The application is easy to use, has many hints and developed detailed Help - F1. Pressing F1 displays help about the currently executing or last operation by Lotek program.Multi REM has a database of draws since the beginning of the game - 03/18/1996, the (for the number of PLUS from 08.01.2004 onwards), which can be automatically updated from the web or download file with the current losowaniami.Typowanie numbers: * You can use several types of automated betting patterns likely numbers, in which the user can also change the parameters * each of them can interact with the "Add / reject number" of previous periods (according to the table amount of randomly selected numbers from prior periods) * can automatically adjust the parameters of the seven betting patterns of numbers for the best results on a selected number of previous losowań.Zestaw typing their numbers - is a powerful tool, the combination of the layout with many detailed statistics and analysis of each lot (with selected to show on the board) and numbers typed.